foto - do sekce autor

Ivan Záleský was born in Varnsdorf, Czech Republic on August 8th, 1948. He studied at Stonemason's-Scultping School in Hořice, CR (1963-1966) and thanks to his exceptional talent he started to attend the Academy of Art in Prague already in 1966 and graduated in 1972.

The artist focuses mainly on the figurative plastic art using elementary materials such as bronze, tin, wax, wood, stone. His thematic approach is based on the following motives: family, partnership, mythological figures, and a wide-spectrum portrayal of woman`s body.

Ivan Záleský is also a unique painter. Half-drawings and half-reliefs while using wax, textile, ink, and vegetation dominate his painting creation. His paintings are mainly a combination of drawing and plastic art. Three-dimensionality of the artist's paintings logically derives from his sculptor's art.

The artist's drawing is the basis for his life's sculpting work.

Ivan Záleský has participated in many art exhibitions organized by the Czech Artists Union and the Union of Artists (Area galleries in Litoměřice, Liberec, Náchod, Olomouc Czech Republic etc.). His art pieces are represented in many private collections throughout the whole Europe; especially in the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Italy and the United States of America.

Thanks to its originality Ivan Záleský's art creates a great symbiosis with picturesque architectonic deeds, gardens as well as cities, schools and community centres. Each work is offered as an original piece which already exists or will be created upon a specific order. The artist himself makes casting of metal plastic artworks as well as the follow-up refine and patina, threfore, they are a unique authorial cast.

All masterpieces are created in one version – so, the artist always creates a sui generis original.

The sculptor's and painter`s work provides an entirely original view on essential attributes of existence while the artist`s unique treating of various motives using elementary natural materials, emphasizes the natural and also mystical core of his creations as well as a certain mysticism of the artist himself.

Ivan Záleský's work reveals the overall meaning of art in general and provides us, who have the privilege to have his sculptures or paintings in a private collection, with an unforgettable creative and spiritual heritage.

Solo Exhibitions:

1974 – The Gallery of Youth, The Prague Mánes Gallery, Czech Republic

1974 – Rumburk City Museum, Czech Republic

1975 – The Small Exhibition Hall, Liberec, Czech Republic

1976 – The Golden Lily Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

1981 – Rumburk City Museum, Czech Republic

1982 – Duchcov City Gallery, Czech Republic

1984 – 5+5 Exhibition, Teplice, Czech Republic

1986 – Emil Filla Gallery, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic

1988 – Most City Gallery, Museum in Děčín, Museum in Rumburk, Czech Republic

1990 – The Collection of Small Plastic Art – The General Exhibition of Prague, Czech Republic

1991 – a collection exhibition with a painter Ota Nalezinek and a graphic artist Milan Janáček at the Bourglinster Castle in Luxembourg

1992 – The Díla Gallery in Teplice, Czech Republic

1995 – an exhibition with a painter Ota Nalezinek, The Gallery of Spiren Luxembourg

1996 – Rumburk City Library Atrium, Czech Republic

1997 – Hefaistos Gallery, Děčín, Czech Repulic

1998 – Bücherkasten Gallery, Luxembourg

2000 – Rumburk Community Centrean exhibition of Hefaistos Gallery Artists

2005 – Děčín Castle Gallery , Czech Republic

2007 – Bücherkasten Gallery, Luxembourg (together with a painter O.Nalezinek)

2013 – Rumburk Community Centre, Czech Republic

2018 – Rumburk Garden exhibition, Czech Republic